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The Earthworks Special Leather Stuff - All Natural Beeswax Dubbin - 75ml

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  • 75 ml / 2.6 fl oz
  • Traditional beeswax dubbin
  • No mineral oils or synthetic ingredients
  • Sturdy aluminium tin
  • Suitable for most smooth leathers

D e s c r i p t i o n
This is the Earthworks Journals 'Special Leather Stuff'. Our all natural beeswax based dubbin.

This stuff is amazing, it smells good and does good! It is made from a blend of natural beeswax, oil and fat. It contains no mineral oils. We use it on our journals to condition and protect the leather (we also use it on all of our own personal leather gear). It's perfect for walking boots, bike saddles, belts, saddles and tack, bags, knife sheaths, gun cases, pretty much anything made from smooth leather.

It is not suitable for suede or leathers with special finishes, if you're worried then we always recommend spot-testing on an unseen area first and referring to manufacturer's instructions where possible.

Just don't be tempted to use it on our 'distressed' range of wraparound journals, this stuff is so good that your journal will not be distressed after treating it with this!

S i z e  &  B i n d i n g   S t y l e
You will receive a minimum of 75ml (2.6 fl oz) of dubbin. It comes in a sturdy round aluminium tin with a screw lid which measures 85mm across and 28mm deep. The instructions for use are on the back of the tin.

T h e   S p e c i a l   S t u f f   S t o r y
Unlike everything else on our shop, we do not actually make this ourselves. We're lucky enough to be able to get it from our local leather supplier who have been making some of the finest quality bridle leather in the UK for many decades. And this stuff is their secret ingredient! We've been using it on our journals for a while now and one day, when we were conditioning our walking boots with it, we thought:

"Why aren't we making this available to our customers, because it's great on just about everything leather?"

So we got the OK from our wonderful leather supplier, they supplied us with a vat of it. We've decanted it into these rather attractive tins and now you can use it too!

If you have any questions about using our dubbin then get in touch. 


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