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Handmade Brown Leather Belt - The Earthworks Classic

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  • Rugged Full Grain Brown Leather
  • 1.5" Wide Strap (3.8cm)
  • Choice of Buckle - Brass, Old Brass, Steel
  • Choice of Strap End Shape - Stub, Spear, Skew
  • No Visible Branding
  • Made To Measure (see below for measuring guide and enter size at checkout)

T h e   L e a t h e r

This is the Earthworks Classic Handmade Leather Belt. We've made this one as your go-to everyday belt, it's smart enough to wear with a suit yet rugged enough to accompany you on your adventures.

We've made this belt from a vegetable tanned, full grain leather. Full grain means that the leather has not been corrected and it retains all of its natural beauty, including wrinkles, scars and growth marks.

This leather has a waxed and oiled finish which gives a beautifully soft feel and a slightly distressed look; where the leather bends or wrinkles, the colour will lighten to give a non-uniform look across the surface. Another added benefit is that the oils and waxes really protect the leather and make it very hard-wearing. This is the sort of leather that will develop an incredible patina over the years (and it will last for years and years!). If you wear it the same way round every time then it will gradually form a natural curve which shapes itself to your body, making it more comfortable the more you wear it.

T h e   B u c k l e

We've chosen a classic single prong buckle for this belt which is available in solid brass, old brass and solid steel. They're all made in a British foundry.

The solid brass is just that - solid unlaquered brass which will age beautifully with use. If you prefer to keep your brass shiny then a quick polish now and again will keep it sparkling.

The old brass is the same buckle as the solid brass, it's just that we've accelerated the aging process to dull it down a bit. This will age beautifully too, some areas will polish up with use and some areas will continue to darken.

The solid steel is made from stainless steel and will retain its simple good looks for as long as you need it to.

T h e   B u c k l e   E n d

We've added a hand-stitched leather belt keeper to this belt to keep the end neat and tidy. This is set between two sets of rivets which will complement the buckle colour of your choice. Along with the rivets we've added a few simple stitches in a strong waxed thread to keep everything secure.

T h e   S t r a p   E n d

To finish the belt we have a choice of three strap end shapes. The no-nonsense Stub, the classic Spear, or the edgier Skew.

M a d e   T o   M e a s u r e

We want this belt to fit you perfectly. We add seven holes so that it can grow or shrink with you! What we need from you is a measurement so that we can size your belt correctly. Ideally you should measure an existing belt which fits you well and you will need to measure from the buckle end of the leather, where the strap folds around the buckle, to the hole that you use most often (see diagram in the photos). There's a dropdown menu with sizes in 2" increments, if you want a really exact size then please choose the nearest size and send us a message to let us know your exact size.

If you do not have an existing belt to measure or if you're buying as a gift for someone else then please get in touch before ordering to discuss ways to measure.

Please note that, due to the size of the leather hides, the maximum belt size we can make without joins is 44 inches (112cm). If you need a larger belt then please get in touch to discuss it.

S h i p p i n g   T i m e s

Your made to measure belt is not a stock item, when you buy it we will be making it especially for you. Please see the footer at the bottom of the page for our current shipping dates.

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