Hand Carved Wooden Goddess Poppet in Spalted Beech - Heath and Hearth - Earthworks Journals HHWG002
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Wooden Goddess Poppet - Hand Carved Figure From Spalted Beech

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We have hand carved this Wooden Goddess from Spalted Beech. The beautiful marbled pattern in the wood is naturally formed in some trees after they have fallen, this is known as Spalting.

T h e   M a k i n g

This 20cm (8 inch) Goddess has been hand carved from wood from a fallen tree. No power tools were used, just an axe and a knife to carve the shape of the Goddess from the wood. It has been given a final polish with Linseed Oil. It will continue to develop its own patina over the years as you handle it.

T h e   I n s p i r a t i o n

Goddess figurines, often called Venus figurines, are found in many cultures and date back thousands of years. They are thought to have been of religious significance, venerating the female form as Mother Goddess or Earth Goddess, and were perhaps used as a symbolic expression of fertility and nature or as a charm for protection.

Our Spalted Beech Goddess is the female form refined to a symbol. It is smooth and tactile and fits well into the hand. It can be used as an ornament, altar piece or as a meditative focus.

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