We really love it when our customers get in touch to let us know how much they love their Earthworks Journals and we thought that you might like to have a look too.

We've dedicated this page to the words and pictures of our small but fast growing Earthworks Journals Family.

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"I am absolutely over the moon with the authenticity and quality of my A4 leather ring binder. It was way, way, way beyond what I had envisaged and I could not possibly express my satisfaction in this brief recommendation. But please, do yourself a favour and just order, as quality as this is, is indeed priceless. I am happy to authenticate my recommendation by email if anybody needs it as I trawled the internet for a solution to my needs and these people delivered. I will use this team for the rest of my life on any bespoke workings. "

Andrew Parker, Devon, UK





"I received my journals as and when promised and I have to say I’m totally in love with them! I’ve been playing with them all week; showing them off to family and friends.
I had the strangest feeling when I first opened the journals and saw the bespoke design on the cover – it was almost as though my life’s work had been untimely bound up in a huge volume ready to sit on a library shelf. The details in the craftsmanship are unmatched in quality; so much so that in filling their pages with my words and thoughts I fear I may suffer delusions of grandeur!
I have other projects and subjects which also need a worthy home to house the thousands of scraps of paper upon which they currently reside and I look forward to working with you to create my next journal already!
Many, many thanks guys, they’re just beautiful!"

Mike Sheppard, Newport, UK




"WOW! I've just this minute received my journal and am giddy with excitement. The quality is second to none and you can really see the love and care and attention you give each piece! I can't wait to record my precious memories in this beautiful piece of timeless craftsmanship. Thankyou."

Rachel Doll, UK




"Sometimes you write words in a journal to capture how you feel or think about something. Other times you write words in a journal as part of a creative idea. Either way, the words you commit to paper for safekeeping will serve as a permanent record of everything you were at that time in your life. I cannot think of a more fitting place to store these words than the journal I received from Earthworks. They say that sometimes ownership of an item has more quality than the item itself. This journal has no such inhibitions, it is quality. And it makes you want to write on its pages. What more can you ask for."

Dr Winston E Boogey




"Just received my journal from the post and I love it! The quality and feel is high quality and made with professional hands. Thank you so much for making my journal....I'm a illustrator and will be filling my journal with great drawings for other people to see and will be with me for many years =]
Thank you again and hope both of you are doing well in your business and share many more happiness to other people."

Jen, Australia




"I just had to write to say a big thank you. I had previously purchased a Ghost Fern wraparound journal for a friend and knew the quality was super so I decided to treat myself.
When the parcel arrived with my 'standard carved' journal, it was obvious there was nothing 'standard' about it! I was just stunned at the craftsmanship and quality, its so beautiful that i just find myself carrying it around too nervous to start writing in it!
The attention to detail is second to none so thank-you for taking the time to put so much love and care in to making it for me. It is truly special."

Myra Armstrong, Hampshire, UK




"I just wanted to say a big thank you for your prompt and efficient service. You went the extra mile, and it totally paid off. My brother adored the journal, which was given to him over a family meal before he went on his travels to Canada. Everyone thought it was both beautiful and incredibly well made. It went around the table all evening, as we put our messages in for him to read on the plane. Exactly what I was hoping it would be."

Christine Davies, Carmarthenshire, UK




"I wanted to thank you firstly for a beautiful and well made journal, me and my fiancé are quite picky and was looking for a long time for a product this nice and at such a good price (we are using the journal as our guest book). Also I would like to praise you on your excellent customer service, nothing seemed too much trouble, even my excessive questioning via email!
I can't wait until next year when we can display our journal on our special day and without question we will pass out your details when our guests ask (which I know they will) where we got the journal from."

Emma Hardy, Gloucestershire, UK




"I received my journal this morning and I would just like to say a big thank you – it’s fantastic, a superb piece of craftsmanship. I’m very much looking forward to using it! You clearly take great pride in your work. You have a great talent and a wonderful idea for a business. I would highly recommend you to others. I wish you every success."

Dan Miller, Notts, UK




Jason on the beach with his journal

"Samantha and Jason,
My boyfriend bought me a ghost leaf journal to take with me on my trip to India, and you posted it to him in time before i left... It's the most beautiful and thoughtful gift i have ever received and i trailed it around India not being able to put it down!
I just wanted to thank you and say well done for making such a gorgeous product (it put everyone else's travel journals to shame).
I will be returning to purchase another one of your journals soon!"

Kat Tarrant, UK.


"My experience with Earthworks (Jason and Samantha) has been second to none. Their service and customer relations were impeccable and their product, absolutely stunning. Ensure you order with enough time for your book to be created and you will receive the most beautifully crafted, personal, unique and durable product."

Annalise Laidlow, London UK




"I wanted you to know how incredible this journal is. I love how heavy it feels and the font you used for the initials in the corner. I'm in awe of it! and am sure it'll inspire, by virtue of its beauty, grander thoughts than any other blank notebook. "

Molly Fox, Minnesota US




"I received my journal last week and having spent the week admiring it, I thought it was about time I wrote to say a big thank you for such a beautiful piece. It now takes pride of place on my desktop and, inbetween picking it up to inhale that fantastic leather smell, I have been enjoying writing about my travels on its quality pages. I have been searching for the perfect journal for a long time and didn't think I would ever find one that met up to my expectations - this one truly has and I look forward to filling its pages so that I can buy another one to accompany me on my next journey. It is a pleasure to own and a credit to your craftmanship."

Justine Kiddy, Derbyshire UK



"I honestly believe this is one of the best purchases I've made in my life. I asked for a very complicated custom design with a lot of very nitpicky details, and they were beyond accommodating and provided an absolutely flawless result. The book is gorgeous. I cannot possibly say enough about the entire experience!"

Alexandra Fadden, New York US



"I just wanted to let you how much my husband loves the beautiful journal. These days, It is so great to find quality craftsmanship and attention to detail in a world where everyone seems to want it all in a hurry. This journal was definitely worth the wait! It's beautiful and my husband loves it - we have been married for almost 18 years and other than our children it's the best gift he has ever received - those are his words. He already has his eye on one of the bigger journals, so I'm sure we'll be talking again soon. Thanks again - from beginning to end this was a wonderful experience."

Lorna Lodholz, North Carolina US





Paul Hawkins, Oxfordshire UK



"Hi Samantha & Jason, your journals are amazing. I love the craftsmanship. These are our vision books, and my first vision is your company will be supremely successful. "

Nigel Le Monnier, Devon UK



"I received my Leather Journal yesterday, and I just want to say... what an amazing piece of art it is. The level of quality and care that goes into each journal, combined with your very reasonable price means it's truly unequalled by any other of it's kind.
This is something that I will keep forever, and that's something I wanted you to know.
Deepest thanks, "

Craig Luck, Surrey UK



"My boyfriend said it is one of the best gifts he has received in his life - and he is 46 years old . . . He is very difficult to buy for!
Thank you very much."

Karen Elrick, Surrey UK



"Thankyou so much for what I can only refer to as a masterpiece! The journal is everything I hoped for and more. It would not look out of place on the desk of Leonardo Da Vinci himself, and has a wonderful character about it.
The wonderful aroma of the leather immediately transports me back to the past (its a shame I do not own a quill, as I would really feel the part!!) I cannot fault your product in any way at all, and the same goes for your second to none service.
I am already recommending you to my friends and family. To be honest I would not mind if you used this letter as a part of your listing so strongly do I feel about this product!!!
Once again thankyou!!"

Saul Childs, Middlesex UK




"Just thought I would send you this photo. It is a great shot of My journal you made me and has been a wonderful travel partner. It was exactly what I wanted and after spending 3 weeks travelling around Thailand it has taken on a travelled look. Noting my experiences along the way it will be a permanent reminder of my trip. Thanks again for a wonderful product.
FYI, the pic was taken on the 32nd floor of the hilton millennium hotel in Bangkok early one morning. "

Paul Whiting, UK



"I'm just dropping you this line to tell you just how beautiful the journal I bought from you about a year ago is becoming. As the oils from my hands soak into the leather, it is acquiring a lovely golden patina which I admire every time I look at it. Thank you again."

Wilfred Alleyne, Birmingham UK



"What a fantastic, quality product. I had high expectations and I have not been disappointed. These beautiful books look good on screen but in this case, touching is believing. It makes me want to write every day. I almost want to use it quickly so I can buy myself another. Will be ordering more for gifts. I wish you every success. It is well deserved."

Lyn Short, Spain




Jason on the beach with his journal

"This is me on an amazing deserted beach with one of my Earthworks journals. I'm a big fan of them, but I am a bit biased being a partner in the company. I've got quite a collection of travel worn journals now. I love writing and never leave home without one of my own books."

Jason from Earthworks Journals