Our Background

We always take Tanner and at least one of our journals on our travels.Earthworks Journals are Samantha (that's me) and my husband Jason.

I have a background in fine art sculpture and Jason has a background in traditional crafts and we have been making things together ever since we first met in 1991.

When we first started we sold at fairs and festivals across Britain, if you've ever been to one you've probably seen us (we did lots).

We're now taking a well earned rest from festival toilets and the British weather to concentrate on selling on the internet, we also have shops on ebay and Etsy.

We live and work in Northampton, England, which was once one of the most important boot and shoe producing towns in Europe. Everyone in Northampton knows someone who worked in that trade, this includes members of our own family.Sadly, most of the industry has now gone, but some of the leather suppliers haven't. This makes leather a natural choice for us to work in.

We have been approached by a number of television production companies and film makers over the years, asking us to supply journals. Amongst others, our work has been seen in the BBC programmes The Sorcerers Apprentice, The Indian Doctor and House of Fools. We supplied the songbook for Tony Bennett to use in the film that accompanied the recording of his 'Duet' albums.
We also make a great many binders for members of the clergy, marriage celebrants and town councils, our work can be seen in churches, cathedrals, registry offices and other public buildings across the country.
Our journals have travelled the world from the top of Everest to the Antarctic; carried into warzones; crossed deserts; used by Bishops, artists, composers & authors; recorded births, deaths & marriages; they've contained the most public of events and the most private of thoughts.

Our Ethics

It seems to be the trend at the moment for businesses to shout about their ethics. We've never done this before as we've always thought that all businesses should run ethically, it really should go without saying. However, we are a little worried that if everybody else does it and we don't that you might think that we don't have any, so here goes.....

Simple, honest & hardwearing.....much like us!HONESTY is the best policy. People say that for a reason you know. That's why it's our best policy too. We like to think that we make an honest product from honest materials and that we always treat our customers honestly.

HANDMADE means handmade. Jason and I make all of our books by hand using traditional methods, in Northampton, England.

QUALITY materials often cost a little more. The leathers that we use originate from developed countries where people are paid a fair wage and are protected by health and safety regulations. This also ensures that the leathers are tanned well and will not deteriorate. We buy these leathers from local companies which means that we can hand pick the finest hides.

GREEN is our favourite colour! All of our paper is 100% recycled and unbleached, this saves huge amounts of water, energy and trees. We do not use excess packaging, when you buy one of our books it will just arrive in a padded envelope (no fancy stuff) and be ready for use. This is good for the environment and we are sure that you don't want to be paying extra money for stuff that just ends up in a landfill. We make some of our leather dyes ourselves and where possible we make sure that the ones that we buy are water-based and have a low V.O.C. content (Volatile Organic Compounds) as these do lots of nasty things to the environment and everything in it.

Copyright Stuff

The Earthworks StampAll of our shop content is the work of Samantha Webster and Jason Lineham and is protected by copyright law under the Berne Convention.

If you've made it this far without getting bored, well done! You can go and have a look at our books now, they're much more interesting ;)



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